Over 9,500 round-trip rides have been given to Eisenhower Medical Center

PALM DESERT, CA – (March 16, 2017) – Two new BIGHORN BAM VANS have taken to the streets of the Coachella Valley to help financially strapped cancer patients who would have to depend on public transportation to get to their radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Donated by All Star Ford owned by Tom and Carmen Nokes, these two new vans are gurney and wheelchair accessible, taking BAM’s transportation mission to the next level.

The program was inspired more than 11 years ago when BIGHORN BAM (Behind A Miracle) Founder Selby Dunham was undergoing radiation treatments. She met a woman named “Alice” who was going through treatments as well (radiation patients often have to travel to treatments for five weeks straight). Alice missed her bus traveling from Coachella one hot August day, and when Selby was told that was the reason she missed her treatment, she knew something had to be done about it! Since then over 9,500 round trip rides have been funded by BAM for Eisenhower patients that would have to take the public bus, taxi or rely on friends to take them to their cancer treatments.

“If you can’t get to treatment then you can’t get better,” shares Alison Mayer Sachs, MSW, CSW, OSWC, Director Community Outreach & Cancer Support Services, Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center. “We see patients who can barely get by, whose spouse may lose their job or children who consider dropping out of school because of the time it takes to get the patient to daily treatments. When they hear about the BAM VANS, they break down in gratitude knowing that someone cares about them.” For information on BAM VAN please speak with your Eisenhower oncology social worker.

“BIGHORN BAM has been a miracle since the beginning,” shares Selby. “BAM consistently supports the 30,000 cancer patients seen annually at Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center. Because of our donor’s generosity, lives will be saved; because they care, cancer survivors will live longer; and because of their compassion, cancer patients that need support will have it!”

For more information, email, call (760) 610-8218 or visit

The future of BIGHORN BAM is bright! Inspired to save the lives of Coachella Valley’s cancer patients, BIGHORN BAM has raised $6.5 million over the past 9 years! Eisenhower Luci Curci Cancer Center now has the equipment to pinpoint early detection of breast cancer the size of a grain of rice. Over 9,500 round trip transportation rides have been given to radiation and chemotherapy patients who rely on public transportation. And financial assistance is given to families struggling to pay rent, utilities or need groceries through The Pendleton Foundation.

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